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Communities of Courage: a Day of Inspiration for Education Leaders at Facebook HQ (Blog Post)

Co-hosted by Facebook Education and the National School Climate Center (NSCC), the Communities of Courage summit brought together leaders from schools, universities, government agencies, education-related nonprofits and advocacy organizations. The goal was to discuss ideas and best practices around creating educational experiences that are safe, inclusive, and engaging for students in P-12 schools.

Anthony Batt Profile for Social Media Monthly

For those of us who love both television and technology, the momentum of the social TV wave is exhilarating. Tech entrepreneurs are creating new ways to view and share our favorite TV programs. Advertisers are experimenting with more personalized and measurable marketing opportunities. Hollywood is exploring ways to make storytelling a richer experience, occasionally even allowing audiences to become co-creators of entertainment.

José Shabot Cherem Makes Education Accessible and Cities More Livable (Executive Profile)

José “Pepe” Shabot Cherem is a serial entrepreneur who has started six nonprofit organizations and more than a dozen for-profit ventures in Mexico City. At age 34, Pepe embodies the notion of a “growth mindset.” A YPO member who is always finding new ways to improve people’s lives, Pepe creates synergies among his companies, new entrepreneurs and even competitors.

Social Media for Thought Leaders & Brand You (Magazine Article)

Social networks and the vast array of other social media sites have changed how all types of people—not just musicians—build their careers. Anyone willing to seek out best practices, work hard to implement them and consistently share useful information can easily build a large following, or even thought leadership. In an era when jobs are in short supply, this can be a game changer.

Twitter #Music: Should You Play? (News Article)

Twitter #Music: Should You Play? By Carri Bugbee The debut of Twitter #Music (yes, the official product name is a hashtag) was big news last week. Twitter aimed high in its quest for pop culture popularity by rolling it out to celebrities the week before and then giving the scoop about the public launch to Good Morning America (which led to a bit of carping on popular tech blogs that normally cover this stuff first). This is one more sign that Twitter aims to be your media hub and the arbiter of entertainment trends.

Philanthropist Jim Estill Helps Refugees Begin New Lives In Canada (Magazine Article)

Like many of us, Jim Estill saw the horrors of the Syrian civil war in the media during summer 2015. The shocking images of the small Syrian boy found face-down on a beach in Turkey were broadcast around the world that September. It was a crystallizing moment for Estill. The boy’s family had reportedly been planning to immigrate to Canada when their boat capsized in the Mediterranean Sea. Estill felt compelled to do something. The Canadian government had already committed to taking in Syrian re